Ways to treat mom (or yourself) this Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother's Day - a day all about treating mom. Spoiling her, because she does so much for everyone else on those other 364 days of the year.  Here are some great ways to make mom's day special this year.

Breakfast in Bed
Whether you have young kids or older, get them involved in making Mom breakfast in bed. Don't let her get up and check!  Either instruct her to sleep in, or bring her a book or her iPad.  And don't forget the fresh coffee!

Mimosa? Yes, please.
It's only one day a year - let her enjoy a late morning/early afternoon with brunch at her favorite restaurant.  And let her enjoy it - Dad can chase the 3 year old around this time.

Me Time.
Sure, mom wants to spend Mother's Day with her family, but she might also enjoy a little "me time." Let her indulge in her favorite activity - a yoga class, a spa facial, or maybe just a quiet (no interruptions!) bubble bath at home. Whatever it is, give mom some time to herself.

Girls Night or Date Night.
Does mom want a date with dad? Or a night with the girls (because you know that never happens)? Or maybe both? Whatever it is, indulge her! Let her enjoy a happy hour with her friends, or set a reservation at her favorite restaurant (or that new place she's been wanting to try, but you guys can never get away to...).

Bottom Line: Treat Mom!
You know your mom/wife better than we do, so treat her to a day you know SHE will enjoy. 

Gift Idea for Mom: Happy Trails Pouch in Rose Geranium (to enjoy during that bubble bath...)

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