Autumn Skin Care Tips

As the weather cools so should your skin care regimen. Follow our 5 simple tips to keep your skin glowing through the fall and winter months.


1. Use a heavier moisturizer. Moisturizing skin is one of the most important things to keeping it looking youthful and healthy.  Moisturize body immediately after your bath/shower, and moisturize your face morning and night.

2. Hydrate from within.  As always, drink up.  (H2O, that is).  Strive for at least 8 glasses of water each day, more if you exercise, drink coffee and/or alcohol.

3. Slough off the old. At least weekly, do a good head-to-toe exfoliation.  It's good to do this daily, also, with a loofah in the shower. 

4. Protect. Even though you're not hanging out at the beach anymore, you should still wear sunscreen on exposed areas (think: Face, neck, arms). Also, protect your skin from dry, cool air with gloves and scarves.

5. Get your rest.  Getting a good night's rest is crucial to healthy skin, as it provides time for recovery and renewal. Aim for eight hours each night.

Debbie Dygert

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